Pavana Reddy Writes Her Poetry With a Full, Heavy Heart

Poet and lyricist Pavana Reddy has managed to do the unthinkable: hooking people on Instagram to poetry. And with more than 80k fans, it turns out there’s a market for poetry on social media.

“When I first started sharing my work online, I wasn’t very serious about it and I really just wanted an outlet for the things I was too afraid to say,” Reddy shared with Isaase. “My poetry is very much a reflection of who I am,” she adds.

Her poems are just the right length for this day and age, cutting to the chase fairly quickly, but in a way that is both delicate and quite moving. “Some days I am the flower; Some days I am the rain,” reads one poem. While another asks: “Must the moon be full in order to be loved? And what of the heart?”

“I started writing as a kid, simply as a way to verbalize feelings I didn’t know how to talk about – and while my writing has definitely improved since – I still write for the same reasons,” explained Reddy.

The key to understanding her words? Opening your heart and listening.
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