Pencil Artist Goes Viral for Drawing Kevin Hart

Social media was abuzz when a young hyperrealism pencil artist got the attention of actor and comedian, Kevin Hart, with his perfect rendition of the artiste. Eli Waduba Yusuf from Kaduna, Nigeria, drew his favorite comedian and wanted him to see it. The pencil drawing looks like it was taken from a digital camera, but it is painted with a pencil.

This act seemed like a long shot, but Twitter made it happen. Several Twitter users tagged the actor, and Hart saw the paintings. His reaction surprised users as well. He offered to pay for the art and pay for three more paintings of his celebrity friends.

The tweet went viral in a few hours, and the talented artist’s followers increased massively. Yusuf says he wants to be like Arinze Stanley, or Arinze Art, a popular hyperrealism pencil artist as well.

See some of the pictures below.