Prudence Flint’s Paintings Are Powerful and Mysterious

Melbourne based artist, Prudence Flint, makes striking oil paintings that focus mainly on women. The women in her artwork are seen going about their daily tasks – a seemingly banal subject that when featured on canvas, takes on epic proportions.

“I want a simple idea that is visually powerful and mysterious,” said the artist in an interview with It’s Nice That. “I want the paintwork to be as clear and pared back as I can make it and the color to work to bring out the idea.”

“Ideas start out as small pencil drawings. I will draw the idea up on a canvas in charcoal and sit with it for a month or so. If it survives that process, I start painting rough and loose at first, each layer becoming more refined and distilled. Some ideas take ten years to find form.”

Flint’s portraits have been featured in solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, and Hobart and she has exhibited in major state and regional galleries. She is about to have her first international show at Mother’s Tankstation Limited Dublin 2019. Reproductions of her paintings have also appeared in international publications including Oh Comely, It’s Nice That, and Printed Pages.

“All my best ideas for paintings come from actual places and moments in life that trigger some unexpected feeling that is layered in unconscious memories, often about the opposing forces of confinement and freedom. Always the body takes some important stance in expressing that feeling.”

Take a look.

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