Przemek Krawczyński’s Lamps are So Much More Than That

More than just lamps, Przemek Krawczyński’s light fixtures are mesmerizing art pieces that employ light and shadow. Created out of dried gourd – a tropical fruit found in Africa and Asia – each piece is completely handmade, carved out in unique patterns that come alive when light passes through them.

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Table lamp XXI Questa created in 2014.

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“Though I am the architect of the lamp’s shape and pattern, the artisan who puts life in it, the light is a surprise, an illusion made real,” writes Krawczyński on his website, “it never brings boredom for it changes with every move of its source.”

Each piece takes much (much!) time to complete, and Krawczyński estimates that making one lamp takes him between 3-5 months of work, adding up to about 2-3 lamps per year. “For me, the quality, the perfection of the finished lamp, self-fulfillment, and satisfaction from my work are most crucial – they are more important than the number of lamps I can create,” he writes. “That is why I never repeat their patterns; each of my handmade lamps is matchless, extraordinary and will not be imitated in the future.”

By day, his lamps are a unique sculpture, but at night ornamental shadows fill the space, casting the patterns on the walls in enchanting ways. Take a look for yourself.