Quentin Dufour’s Illustrations Feature Black Cats and Fire

Comic illustrations often feature cute animals, but Quentin Dufour decided to take an unusual route. The star of his art is a black cat that constantly gets in chaotic situations that often involve fire. Dufour’s cat lives in a world that always burns as it stares at melting flowers or tries to save things from fire.

Dufour is a French artist currently living in Angoulême. “I was already curious about artistic printing and printed objects but I really understood what this practice means to me while attending this school,” he told It’s Nice That.

When he’s not drawing, he runs animation workshops and teaches fine arts at a local art school. For him, illustration is something instinctual that helps him express what’s on his mind with limited resources. Many people from the artistic world inspire him, including Yuichi Yokoyama, Michael Deforge, Richard Short, and more. Scroll down to see his work.

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