Raku Inoue Makes Insects and Animals Using Flowers

Raku Inoue is an artist known for turning petals and other plant parts into birds, butterflies, beetles, and other animals. He typically portrays animals in stationary poses, but lately, he started experimenting by showing them in movement.

He finds inspiration everywhere. In one of his latest Instagram posts, he mentioned that he was inspired to create a pink flamingo by Flamingo Bob, the bird living in the Caribbean who ran into a hotel window and is now disabled.

“Recently @jasperdoest released a series of photographic journal on @natgeo on Bob: a Caribbean flamingo who became an ambassador for the Fundashon Dier en Onderwijs Cariben(FDOC) after he was disabilited when he flew into a hotel window,” he wrote. His floral flamingo is his way to honor Bob.

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