Russian Artist Creates Remarkable Realistic Human Portraits Using a Pencil

Talented people can be found all over the world, in every little corner, doing the things they are best at. Some of them are representing their gift online, while others prefer doing it on the streets. Just like the Saint Petersburg-based Nikolay Yarakthin.

Originally from Cheboksary, the Russian artist creates remarkable human portraits using just a pencil. His artistic journey began almost three decades ago, and the people’s reaction is the thing that he likes the most.

“It takes me about an hour to make a portrait,” the artist told Bored Panda. “Looking at the excitement of my clients seeing their portraits brings me a lot of joy and inspires me.”

Yarakthin began sharing his admirable work on social media and accepting commissions online, however, he says that he has met a much larger and diverse audience on the streets of Saint Petersburg than any gallery could ever host.

Scroll down and check out his work below.