Russian Tattoo Artist Makes Hyper Realistic Tattoo Portraits You Will Love

Sasha O’Kharin is a tattoo artist from St. Petersburg who works as a guest tattoo artist all over the world. He is also the owner of the tattoo studio “Blackout Tattoo Collective” where he works with six other talented artists.  O’Kharin’s style is exclusively realistic portraits and so far he has really mastered this skill. He began learning tattoo art when he was 24 years old and before becoming an independent artist he worked as a teacher. The only portraits he refuses to draw on people are their family’s portraits. During the last six years, O’Kharin has built great popularity. So far, he has earned sponsorship from a number of tattoo shops and companies like Odin Tattoo Shop and Kwadron Cartridges. He began sharing his work on Instagram in 2014, and has so far reached a number of 270k followers.  

O’Kharin’s tattoos demand a very high level of detail-oriented work. His work is so precise when it comes to colors and shadows, it’s as if it’s not skin he’s working on! There is a large series of famous portraits O’Kharin has worked on and we singled out some of them for you to enjoy!