Sanny van Loon’s Work Is a Lesson In Empathy

Illustrator Sanny van Loon highlights the simple joys to be found in the day to day, through colorful imagery that will charm you to bits.

“I think being an artist really makes you look at the world differently,” reflected van Loon in an interview with Ballpitmag. And judging by her body of work, she views the world through kind, unclouded eyes.

Born and raised in Amsterdam, van Loon studied Graphic Design in Amsterdam and Illustration at the HKU University of the Arts in Utrecht. Since graduating, she has worked as a freelance illustrator and hand-lettering artist with clients that include Flow MagazineCountry Living, and ELLE Eten.

Alongside her commercial work, van Loon has attracted a substantial following online, with some 40,000 fans on Instagram alone. Working mostly by hand, her toolbox includes gouache, watercolor, and ink. “Sometimes edit my illustrations digitally but I always try to give them a handmade feel,” she explains.

Most of her compositions are fairly simple, with her images shown against blank, white backgrounds and using cohesive color stories. She’s also a fan of patterns, with plants and fruit as a common theme throughout her work.

According to van Loon, she draws inspiration from the world around her, noting vintage books, packaging, nature, museums, and flea markets amongst other sources of inspiration. Recent work includes some festive illustrations that will hopefully cheer you up.