Say Hello To This Sustainable Eco-Friendly Clothing Brand

While the fashion industry is all about which look sells the most and not being seen twice in the same outfit, there’s a new hip fashion brand that combats these stereotypes and is looking to set up some new standards on the market.  

Organic Basics are a company that values sustainability of materials more than anything else. They choose fabrics that are eco-friendly and made to last at the same time, and opt to collaborate with factories that have the same goal as them – to help the environment. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t comfortable and pretty! They make almost everything from underwear to blazers, and are becoming very popular in a short period of time.  

Their environment-friendly garments remain odorless for days so you can wear them multiple times. The long-lasting fabric, regulates heat and allows the skin to breathe.

Check some of their designs below!

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This is definitely a vibe.⁠⠀ @katherinejoy__

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