Scraps Find New Life in Works of Kasmeh Studio

Mohsen Heydari Yeganeh from creative studio Kasmeh isn’t letting scrap metal, discarded tools, and rejected fabric go to waste. Instead, he is transforming them into impressive scrap sculptures.

Yeganeh scours the streets, repair works, and antique shops to find the material he could use for his unique creations. He also relies on the support of family and friends, who supply him with the tools and items they don’t need anymore, like broken scissors, handles, and wires.

After taking the items in his small workshop, Yeganeh proceeds to combine them into familiar shapes of animals and birds. For example, one of his works has a pair of scissors serving as a bird’s beak while a coil of wire dubs as its head. He completes the creation with a colorful fabric sack and more wire. 

Yeganeh has earned himself quite a lot of fans and admirers. His works have been shared by various online magazines while being shared countless times on social media. The Instagram page of Kasmeh alone has more than 60,000 followers, with the number continuously on the rise.

Kasmeh shares new scrap sculptures on almost a weekly basis. Continue scrolling to check out some of our favorites.