Self-Taught Artist Creates Sophisticated Topographic Sculptures

Meet self-taught artist Octavian Mielu who started drawing when he was still young. It all started when he started drawing on the walls of his parent’s apartment. After his wall adventure was stopped, he had to look for somewhere else to draw. That’s when he moved to coloring books, painting and eventually to digital art. Over the years he has created all kinds of art.

Back in 2014, he discovered some topographic maps that really inspired him and started his artwork more seriously. After working digitally for a while, he found the process of working with physical materials. Within the years he has done many tests with different materials and paints, tried various designs and even opened an art studio.

Each sculpture has over 2500 individual pieces of various sizes and forms. Each one is cut and painted, then the sculpture is assembled one piece at a time, leading to a unique piece of art.

Scroll down to see his amazing work.