Serge Gay Jr. Mixes It Up

Born in Haiti and based out of San Francisco, California, artist Serge Gay Jr. has seen the world over, while his art followed suit. Influence in his work can be found in the culture of his homeland of Haiti, but also in New York, Miami, Detroit, and San Francisco.

The end result is a wonderful mixture of sorts. “I think artists should be more versatile, should be entrepreneurs, having more than one style,” he stated in an interview with African Digital Art. A Grammy-nominated creative director and art director, Gay Jr. is also known for his painting and illustrations.

“I always have ideas, so planning to execute that idea takes work, from taking tons of photos, or searching for images, color, size, etc. to make my imagination come to life,” he added, talking about the creative process, which he admitted takes time and much planning.

“As a child, I’ve always wanted to pursue art as a career,” he relayed. “There were doubts at times, but it was my parents who told me to go for it and should try to make a living doing it.” Take a look at some of his impressive work in the gallery below: