Shape-Shifting Balloon Dresses By Fredrik Tjærandsen Have Gone Viral

Fredrik Tjærandsen is a fashion graduate from Central Saint Martins (CSM) who won L’Oreal Professional Young Talent Award for his 2019 BFA fashion statement. His performative rubber dresses have gone viral on Instagram and everyone was amazed watching the models flawlessly emerge from the top as the balloon deflated and transformed into a wearable dress.

The Norwegian designer arrived in London to study sculpture during his BFA. The idea for his pieces, which he refers to as “bubbles,” came to him early on in his studies at CSM.

“I was inspired by my own early childhood memories. I wanted to recreate the fogginess and the ‘mist’ of the memories themselves,” Tjærandsen told Vogue. “The inflated bubbles are about being able to wear an unclear memory. When the bubble emerges onto the catwalk, it’s the dream. The deflation of the bubble visualises the moment when we realise we have a consciousness.”

Each piece is made from natural rubber, which Tjærandsen sourced from local rubber growers in Sri Lanka. The dress can be reinflated once the bubble is released from the inside and it can be reworn both in “bubble” or dress mode.

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'Moments of Clarity' Thank you so very much for all of your kind and heart-warming response to my collection shown yesterday. I would like to thank everyone that has helped me this year! I feel so incredibly grateful to be surrounded by such an amazingly talented group of friend, family and professionals. I am so honored to receive the LOreal Professional Young Talent Award @lorealpro! This would not have been possible without support I received from the Les Visionnaire scholarship thank you so much Jeremy Till for believing in my work and giving me the opportunity to create my dream. I also want to thank my amazing tutors Anna-Nicole Ziesche and @h.sproat for constantly pushing me to expand and evolve to do better. And thank you @sarahlouisegresty for all your encouragement and support. Thank you for making my @bafcsm experience amazing! A huge thank you to my helpers @mmirae and @spicylemonsamiam for always being there from the very beginning. I couldn’t have done it without you 💙 Thank you @ryonarushima and your team for creating the most amazing hair that complimented my collection in the most incredible way. Thank you @sabusuzuki for designing and creating the beautiful makeup. Thank you to my performers @momokatemo @chanfyx @heavyhandd @joshuajsmall @bysan.z @stwzd @sag_a @hadidjah for looking absolutely stunning and being so patient and willing to wear my bubbles ❤️

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