Short Hilarious Comics About Girls’ Winter Problems

Many people consider winter to be the nicest time of the year. As everything slows down and it becomes calm and beautiful outside, you are getting ready to warm up under your new comfy blanket with Netflix tempting you to start binging on a new show. 

In December, we are all reminded that Christmas is approaching and that another year is about to end, and it’s time for a proper recapitulation. 

Bloom is a comics artist whose works are mostly inspired by wintertime and all the silly and unpleasant things girls experience when the temperatures drop. For example, weight gain is definitely not working in their favor, as well as the more regular and more pronounced mood swings.  

Her comics also portray the differences between expectations and reality in regard to what December will look like. We expect to be done with all of our obligations and get busy with fun stuff like decorating the Christmas tree, while in reality, we are often stuck writing the last batch of reports for the university or catching up on undone business for the ongoing year. 

As 2019 comes close to its end, we suggest getting under that blanket and having a nice laugh with Boom’s original comics!