Sophie Gamand Uses Her Camera To Show Us The Beautiful Side Of Pitbulls

Sophie Gamand is a French-born artist living in New York, who’s dedicated her career to help unwanted shelter dogs find a home – with her camera.

Gamand first came to the States with her husband in 2010. After studying law and opera singing in Europe, she had to find a new career in a foreign country whose language she didn’t speak very well. She joined a photography course and was sent to photograph the street as one of her first assignment. ” I started taking photos of people in the street, and quickly noticed I was taking photos of dogs mostly”, she told Bklyner magazine.

Gamand started documenting dogs in animal hospitals as well as volunteering in shelters. Then in 2011 she joined the Sato Project, an animal rescue project in Puerto Rico. After two year of caring for the county’s stray dogs and documenting their lives, she decided to use her artistic talents to help dogs find new homes, She new the most unwanted dogs in the States were Pitbulls, and so Pitbull Flower Power was born.

Since then, Gamand has photographed hundreds of Pitbulls. She dresses them up in crowns of flowers and photographs them over a beautiful background to break the stigma and shoe the feared dogs’ softer side. Today she’s still photographing dogs and working to change the way we look at – and treat – these misunderstood dogs.

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This ADOPTION PUPDATE will give you all the feels! If you own my book, you might have noticed a few dogs with a “Still waiting” label next to their photos… Sula was one of them. She and Creasy (who was adopted recently) were seized in a cruelty case 8 years ago. They were held as evidence for a year, and by the time Sula came out of that state of isolation, she was showing OCD (shadow chasing). She was pulled by @azk9rescue, and even after I photographed her back in 2015, Sula waited and waited. Last February, I received a message from Kendel (@student_doctor_rae). She and her hubby had been eyeing all the “Still waiting” dogs from my book. We chatted and Sula came up, since the couple lives in AZ. They reached out to the rescue, and a meeting was arranged. Well… as you guessed it, everyone fell in love! Kendel wrote: “From the first meet and greet, her goofy lovable nature made it clear she belongs with us. When we brought her home she quickly bonded with Max and Leo (our other rescue pits).” . For the next few weeks, Sula stayed with the family, bonding with them, adjusting, and everything went extremely well! “Sula’s OCD and shadow chasing has gotten better at home. My husband and I are both medical students and Sula loves being a study cuddler, she’s also had a ton of fun going to class with Mom and relaxing on campus in the sun for picnic lunches. Sula’s talents include banging her tail into walls, rolling in the dirt, SNORING LOUDER THAN ANY DOG EVER, piggy snorts, gentle kisses, big smiles, peekaboo tongue… We love her so much and delight in trying to give her a million kisses per day to make up for the years of little to no kisses.” . . I am beyond happy that not only has Sula found a spectacular forever home after 8 years, but that my #PitBullFlowerPower book was the catalyst for that adoption. That makes me extremely proud, and happy for all involved! This weekend, the rescue organized a send off party for Sula (swipe for the video), and all her rescue family showed up, including Creasy. There wasn’t a dry eye at the party! I am not crying, YOU’RE crying!! 🤧🤩 #PitBullFlowerPowerADOPTED #pitbullflowerpowerbook #photographysaveslives #sophiegamand

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