Stella Park Takes Pictures Of Her Travels and Turns Them Into Drawings

“For me, art makes my memories more beautiful. And through the art I drew, it makes people feel various emotions. So I think it allows people to see the life they live in more warmly,” this is how South Korean illustrator Stella Park describes her feelings towards art.

She says she likes to draw with colored pencils in a warm space and that her work is mostly inspired by travels.

“I draw reference to the picture I took. And if it was my daily life, I remember or take notes of the moment that I want to draw and then draw with colored pencils. But colors don’t paint in real colors. I change the colors based on my feelings. And I also change the colors to make the artwork looks more harmonious,” the artist told Ballpit in an interview and added that she later scans her image and uses Photoshop to edit the drawings.

You can find Park’s creations on Instagram, and although, she has reached only 4,000 followers we really enjoyed browsing through her feed and we believe that you will enjoy it too.