Steve Scott’s Illustrations Are PACKED!

London based illustrator, Steve Scott, translates modern day living – in all its messiness – into delightful illustrations, overflowing with details. Scrolling through his Instagram feed is the equivalent of working your way through a Where’s Waldo? illustration, except there’s no Waldo to be found.

“I’m really inspired by the environment around me,” admitted Scott, in an interview with The Association of Illustrators. “I love trying to draw something a bit magical out of the mundanity of my local shops, or the ramp road on the north circular.”

His dense work has rightfully so caught the attention of huge brands, leading to collaborations with giants like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Volvo, and Apple. He has even been lucky enough to create screen graphics for a Led Zeppelin tour. “I feel lucky to be able to do this,” he told stressed, stating that it was only in his 40s that he became a full-time illustrator and that “it does feel like a dream job.”

“I really love tight interlocking designs, playing with the planes of a flat image,” he added. “In the end, a picture is a 2D plane. Illustration is a flat medium that can give the illusion of depth.”

Dive into his messy universe: