Tatiana Vigdorova Creates Beautiful Hand-embroidered Temari Balls

For centuries, Temari balls have been part of folk art in Japan. These beautifully embroidered orbs are renowned for their eye-catching designs and bright color palettes. Inspired by this ancestral craft, Moscow artist Tatiana Vigdorova creates by hand her own Temari masterpieces.

Alternating between embroidery thread and silk thread, Vigdorova meticulously covers each ball with complex decorations. Her colorful sewn drawings highlight an eclectic range of patterns, from repetitive canvases to spiral mandalas found in “sacred geometry”, to plants and flowers inspired by Japanese art.

Since its beginnings in Japan in the 7th century, this popular craft has been used as an object of decoration and as a toy for children. This dual purpose is reflected in Vigdorova’s online Etsy boutique, where she describes her hand-made pieces as decorative objects and collectible toys. In any case, each embroidered Temari ball can be “an interesting gift for someone who likes unusual things”.