Tentsile Universe Tent So You Can Be Closer To Nature

If you are nature lover and love to spend days outside, you know how far a good goes. It’s not just a place to sleep when you’re in the woods – it also provides you with shelter from unpredictable rain, wind and animals while you enjoy the landscape.

Tentsile Universe Tent is unlike any tent you have ever seen – it can be used not only on the ground, but in the air and on water too! This ground-breaking tent is waterproof and UV resistant, thanks to the high tech fabric it’s been made of, which guarantees you long term use.

When you put it on the ground it can harbor up to 5 people, so it’s ideal for family picnics and camping.

It’s also easy convertible so in just 5 minutes you can transform it from a ground tent in water mode by removing the insect mesh! The inflatable floor makes this tent suitable for you to float on your favorite lake and have a relaxing day with your dearest. In water mode, this tent has space for three people. It’s also easy to change it in air mode; it can fit three adults and has hammock that you can actually walk on!

This revolutionary tent seems to be the future of camping!