Teo Zirinis Loves Illustrating Ghosts With a Twist

Hands Off My Dinosaur is an Instagram account created by Greek illustrator and designer Teo Zirinis which currently counts more than 129,000 followers. The Athens-based Zirinis says his passion is coming up with silly words and turning them into hilarious illustrations. He seeks inspiration from his surroundings and everyday life and is a huge fan of the paranormal, especially ghosts.

“In my mind, I don’t really picture them as scary, but more as cute, playful little entities. I love to imagine ghosts getting themselves caught up in silly situations, or think of how their traditional white sheets can be used in different funny ways. Not to mention coming up with ghost-related puns, which is one of my most boo-loved pass-time activities,” the artist wrote on Bored Panda and added that they are one of his favorite things to draw.

To see his collection, check out the gallery below. Follow his Instagram account for future updates.

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