The Dark Lord: The Appropriately Named Cat that will Haunt your Dreams

What do you do when you have adopted a creepy cat that will stalk you around the house, making you look over your shoulder at every turn? Make an Instagram for him, of course! The Dark Lord is one of the darkest hairless, Sphynx, cats out there. With his dark fur, oh sorry, skin, and famously sexy, humanlike knees, this purrsona is king of the household, bossing around Amanda Martinez, his human companion, along with Martinez’s partner, and an unlucky dog that got stuck in the household-situation.

Martinez has captured the Dark Lord’s true essence through a series of photos and videos, that show that his cat means business. The Dark Lord establishes his dominance from the top of the fridge, where he silently judges his subordinates, or by lurking in corners, ensuring that a full view of the room is in his visual field. Actually, those bat-like ears and squinting gaze are wicked cute! Being endearing and intimidating at the same time, have made the Lord an internet sensation. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if his following turns into a global cult.

Scroll down for haunted dreams: