The Graceful and the Feminine: Marialaura Fedi’s Art

Marialaura Fedi’s art makes for a soothing effect. Often painted with blue and gold, it features faceless characters against dramatic, yet strangely serene backdrops. Situated between illustration and painting, her work though minimalistic in essence, is pregnant with meaning and symbolism.

Born near the sea in the south of Italy, Fedi grew up herself against a serene backdrop. “I grew up in a luxurious and bright countryside,” she shared in an interview with the Glossary. “There wasn’t so much to do so I started painting all the beautiful colors and shapes that were around me, then it became my work.”

Having grown up, she tended to her artistic side by studying at the Fine Art Academy of Rome where she further developed her skills. Currently based in the Roman countryside, to this day she finds inspiration and beauty in her natural settings.

Indeed, nature seems to pop up in her work (here a flower, there a tree). Another common theme in Fedi’s work is women and femininity. Oftentimes, the two elements, women and nature, are tied together.

“I think women have the same strength and grace of nature, so they are the perfect medium to communicate my inner feelings,” Fedi says.

According to Fedi, her artwork shows how feminine self-confidence comes from peace and grace. See for yourself!