The Impossibly Lifelike Glass Flowers of Laura Hart

Image via laurahartglass/Instagram

Quite a few colorful orchids blossom in British artist Laura Hart’s studio. From their symmetry to their sprinkles of color and nuance, they show the extraordinary magnificence of this plant species. Although they look entirely life-like, they’re in fact made of glass – but display all specific botanical details of the real flowers, including petals, and each of them mirrors the variety of the species.

Hart had many different artistic pursuits before she got into making glass floral sculptures. From oil painting to board painting, video creation, renovation of old buildings and 3D animation, now the 50-year old artist is finally settled in the grand universe of glass due to a request for creating a steel and glass sculpture for another concept artist.

Hart creates the orchid-formed glass models through 3D modeling software, then animates the shapes to simulate the way the molten glass stream in the kiln so she can ensure the longevity and lack of stress in the finished glass sculpture. Each of the blossoms is around twelve inches (30 cm) in diameter, and creating it takes Hart up to ten days. The flower species are reproduced with maximum verisimilitude while still have a touch of her aesthetic vision.

You can check out some pictures of Laura Hart’s incredible glass flowers below.

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