The Messy and Wonderful Collage Art of Ted Feighan

Ted Feighan’s collage art is a unique blend of tropical plants and animals with a vintage aesthetic. Based in Cleveland, he runs a lifestyle brand that creates art-focused accessories, apparel, and home goods. But his upbeat aesthetic also shines through his music, as his music project, titled Monster Rally, produces sample-based exotica, tropicalia, and hip hop.

“On a normal day, I’ll get into the studio, answer some emails and start digging into some old books,” Feighan shared with the Urban Outfitters blog, talking about his busy lifestyle. “I usually have 5-10 projects going at once so I’m always sourcing a lot of imagery. I’ll spend a lot of time cutting up paper and listening to records before I start to assemble any of the finished pieces. I’ll usually work on putting together a few at once.”

And much like his messy lifestyle, so are his collages. It’s a happy sort of mess, full of splendor and color. One collage features a vibrant landscape with huge blossoming flowers and cactuses towering above people and buildings; another one shows a buzzing highway that runs through what looks like a dense tropical island.

“I started making paper collage work when I began taking art classes in college,” he recalled. “But before that, I had been doing a lot of digital collage in high school, mostly for band merch.” Check out some of his vibrant collage art in the gallery below: