The Most Instagrammable Bird – The Victoria Crowned Pigeon

If you’re a bird lover, you probably take pictures of them, and if you do you should check out this beautiful bird from the New Guinea region. It’s a large, elegant creature with a wonderful crest with white tips. It lives in the lowland and swamp forests and they can be recognized in nature by their “whooping” sound. That sound, combined with the male bowing to the female and wagging his fanned tail represents the mating season. This bird is partially blue and gray and has a small, black mask. When you see this bird, you have to think to yourself: nature is truly an artist. 

This bird lives the life many people would love to have: they fly from sea to tree every day, since they feed near the sea, and nest in the forest. These birds are very sociable and they travel and feed in small groups. They are vegetarians – usually, they eat fruit fallen on the ground and sometimes supplement that with seeds. Like in our world, males often engage in aggressive behaviors to establish dominance, while on the other hand, they can be loving and nurturing fathers, as they raise the young together.  

Check out this wonderful bird in the most beautiful Instagram representations!