The New Look Of This Village Will Make Your Imagination Run Wild

Kampung Pelangi is a small village in Indonesia that has been transformed into a stunning landscape of bright colors and magical design.  

The municipality in southern Semarang spent about $22,000 on this transformation in order to save the village’s bad reputation.  In the past, the village looked too depressing and it finally took its toll.  

It was actually the school principal Slamet Vidodo who took the initiative and turned this otherwise grey and almost destroyed village into the masterpiece that it is today. He got the inspiration from other towns nearby who had a similar concept, but nothing looked as good as Kampung Pelangi.  

The narrow and empty streets became ‘alive’ and got a lovely charm thanks to the live and vibrant colors on the walls and the bricks and creative frescoes that adorn the walls.  The village literally did a 180 and came back to life in the most joyful way possible! This project encourages active involvement of the citizens who want to be the change they want to see in the world.