The Warm and Textured Illustrations of Billie Francis

Billie Francis’ illustrations have a sense of warmth to them. The way her subjects are treated, as well as the way they relate to each other, has an undeniable playful quality to it, that’s also reflected in Francis’ bright color choices. The end result speaks of a more positive world, and one you’d want to introduce to your feed.

Based in Birmingham, UK, Francis’ work can appeal to both children and adults. And though most of her illustrations are digital, she makes sure to add layers of texture to it, that make for a more authentic feel.

“I always remember being engrossed in the beautiful illustrations not realizing my love for texture,” Francis remarked once in an interview with Ohh Deer. Calling to mind the Hungry Caterpillar —a book that holds a special place in her heart for its use of texture.

But it took her some time to incorporate this textured feel into her work. According to Francis, she took a more experimental approach while studying illustration in Leeds at Leeds College of Art. “I then fell in love with traditional print methods again, bringing my work back to lovely hand crafted pieces that allowed me to spend loads of time on,” she says. “I played with how I could get the effect of the layers and textures of screenprint into my digital work. This is where my work became my work!”

Her texture artwork is filled with images and characters, creating a seamless narrative, without the use of words. Take a look: