These Adorable Posts Show Why Kids Need A Dog

Image via sbastianthemenace/Instagram

Dogs are loving animals that have affirmative effects on child development. A dog is a great companion, affectionate friend, a guardian and can even be a mentor for tots.

Many kids dream to have a dog as a pet. And there are a lot of good reasons that will motivate you to buy a dog for your children. Besides being considered as man’s best friend, they can help improve the physical activity of your kids since these furballs just love to run and play around.

Kids and dogs have so much in common and they can be the best buddies ever. Check out some of the adorable posts of children and their furry friends having fun together and showing love to each other.

It's a Conall speed bump. #lab #mansbestfriend #kidsneeddogs

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When your little friend loves puddles as much as you do 😄

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