These Art Deco Inspired Drawings Are Bold and Graphic

Award-winning illustrator, Sophie Melissa, knows her angles. Her striking illustrations are known for their carefully considered compositions, that do whatever’s in their power to draw you right in.

Based in London, UK, Melissa has worked for notable clients including VOGUE, Fujitsu, WIRED, and Tesco Magazine. “I’d describe my style as graphic, colorful, and bold,” she shared with Ape on the Moon. “I take a lot of inspiration from the composition and layout of art deco posters from the 1930s, which I studied in my first few years at Falmouth.”

“I start each project with research, then I draw out ideas before developing my final sketch,” she went on to say. “I then spend time working with this in Photoshop adding color, texture, and extra elements.”

“I love working digitally but also love the imperfect nature of hand-drawn work. I combine both of them by starting each illustration as a pencil drawing and, once created digitally, I overlay traditional textures I’ve made through mono printing.”

We would totally love to hang a poster of hers on our wall.