These Comics Illustrate The Difference Between Chinese And Western Culture

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Siyu, born and raised in Beijing, China, have spent the last 10 years travelling, studying and working in various countries such as the US, UK, and France. She met a lot of people and commonly their impression about China would end up with words like “pollution,” “communist,” and “no Facebook.” Unfortunately, the contemporary, living and multifaceted Chinese life is rarely heard of.

So she started writing comics called “tiny eyes” a year ago to be able to share the Chinese culture through everyday life. Most of her comic strips are comparison between Chinese and western culture. And through this, we can see how different people react to the same situation and how every culture is interesting in its own way.

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Chinese people love their food, they spend lots of time savouring and enjoying their meals. Food is not just “fuel” for the body, but a pleasure, an art, and a way of socialising. If you want to make friends, go eat. If you want to close a business deal, go eat. If you want to pursue a romantic relationship, go eat. Since ancient times, food has been considered priority in Chinese culture. The government’s goal was to make sure that each person is taken care of and "has enough to eat”. From another angle, it also suggests the realistic character of Chinese: food goes before ideas, and this life is more important than after life. (Bravo you've read all this!) #food #culture #chineseculture #eat #work #priorities #relationship #民以食为天 #sliceoflife #comics #webcomic #tinyeyescomics

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There’s a Chinese saying “三思而后行”, which means to think twice before taking actions. In history, Chinese value highly reflection and past experience, but acting cautiously and staying wise didn’t save the people from the arrival of the early western explorers who sailed into the unknown and took chances at the risk of their lives. China was forced to take actions in its modern history, often times too fast in exchange for development. While too much reflection on the past slows down the process of change and innovation, too much action without thinking results in waste of resources and irreversible consequences. It’s time for thinkers and doers to meet and learn from each other in this increasingly connected world. It’s happening. #thinking #doing #thinktwice #justdoit #past #future #chinese #western #culture #history #eastmeetwest #webtoon #webcomic #comics #tinyeyescomics

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