These Glass Sculptures Dance in the Light

Russian glass designer Elena Zaycman is a master stained glass design, employing the Tiffany technique, a glass assembly technique invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany which and inspired by the ancient tradition of glassmaking. Her glass designs, often made in the shape of natural forms, dance in the light, creating a mesmerizing effect that can transform any interior.

“When I began working independently, I started with small suspended pieces,” she shared in an interview with the Etsy blog, recalling how her business was shaped, “but I wanted to take the idea of hassle-free installation even further and create something where people wouldn’t need to worry about nails or drilling holes in walls.”

Zaycman’s solution was to attach the stained-glass piece to a brass bar. These pieces included insects and plants all made of smooth glass. Being attached to a bar meant these independent objects could easily be brought into peoples’ homes. “Having an understanding of geometry is useful in calculating complex shapes,” she explains.

You can purchase her original work on her Etsy shop or admire it from afar via Instagram.