These Meticulously Hand-Stitched Embroideries Are Stunning

New Hampshire-based fiber artist Sarah K. Benning discovered her love for embroidery almost by accident. Originally from Baltimore, Benning attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and received her BFA in Fiber and Material Studies. It was shortly after graduating in 2013, when she fell in love with her hobby, which quickly blossomed into a full-time career.

Inspired by interior design trends, a love for Midcentury design, antique textiles, and her own potted plant collection, her embroidered pieces focus mainly on the natural world, and people’s interaction with it.

Each piece begins as a drawing before being meticulously hand-stitched. In this way, the thread becomes more like ink or paint than traditional embroidery, which accentuates the bold shapes, patterns, and color in the compositions.

Working primarily from home, Benning showcases and sells her unique pieces at embroidery workshops, markets, and exhibitions. “Every piece takes a great deal of time,” remarked the artist on her website. “I remain purposefully ignorant of the exact hour count that goes into each embroidery, but it’s safe to say they all take many, many hours. I usually work on several pieces at once, shifting between them as I change colors or need a break. This way I don’t lose interest in what I am doing and have more time to make color and pattern decisions.”

The results are well worth the hard work. Take a look in the gallery below.