These Paintings of Desolate Landscapes Hold a Secret Within

There’s something to be said about Andrew McIntosh’s paintings. His juxtapositioning of the real with the surreal makes for an uncanny experience. Derelict buildings turn magical with surreal interiors, forgotten house-trailers open up to reveal dramatic sunsets.

“Born in the Highlands of Scotland in 1979, I recall drawing from an early age; obsessively drawing and re-drawing pictures, trying to achieve perfect scale and interesting ways of devising images,” writes the painter on his website.

“My paintings are an exercise in attraction,” he explains. “Through them I am constantly searching for new ways of communicating with the viewer. By seducing them with my imagery, I try to create a new visual language with the power to pique their attention and make them stop to ask: why?”

His desolate landscapes and houses hold within them a secret; suggesting the presence of a narrative that exists as much in the viewer’s mind as in the painting.

Only question left is do you, the viewer, believe in magic?