This Amazing Cosplayer Turns Herself Into Literally Anyone

There are times when all of us would like to wake up as somebody else, at least for a day. It could be a movie or comic book character, a top athlete, famous artist or just the next-door neighbor who seems to have it all. Well, there are some people who are living this dream of being whoever they want, whenever they want, and as long as they want, and they are called cosplayers.  

Cosplaying is a popular performance art in which participants wear costumes and fashion accessories to present a certain character. In case you didnโ€™t know, professional cosplaying is a thing! And itโ€™s more than pure fun, as it requires skills, practice, time, effort and creative problem-solving. 

Alysonย Tabbitha from Florida is a professional cosplayer with extraordinary skills for costuming and make-up. She has been cosplaying since 2014, and her success, as well as her awesome tutorials, have inspired many others to try themselves out in this difficult art. Alyson has 1 million followers on Instagram so far, and this number is a reflection of the quality of her work, which features anyone from Lara Croft to the Joker.ย 

See her incredible transformations for yourself in the gallery below!