This Artist Creates Stunning Kaleidoscopic Art Installations

Image via suzandrummen/Instagram

Suzan Drummen is a Dutch artist who uses thousands of tiny crystals and other bright objects to create decorative installations that are visually arresting. Her designs, resembling textile patterns and kaleidoscopes, are placed on walls, ceilings or floors. Surprisingly, she says she never follows a ready plan for each of her art creations.

Her objective is to surprise the viewers and make them feel disoriented. At a distance each of her installations seems clear and orderly, but on a closer look viewers are thrown into confusion by the many details and visual stimuli. The conflict between being able or not able to see everything clearly is explored regularly in her art.

Suzan uses pins to fix the crystals, chromed metal, precious stones, mirrors and the optical glass that form her creations, but these can extend and move freely on the floor.