This Artist Draws Portraits through Innovative ‘Hand Stamping’

Image via pangaeanstudios/Instagram

Artist Russell Powell has developed an interesting method for painting detailed artful portraits.

The artist became interested in painting 16 years ago when he became a teacher, and developed his hands stamping technique after experimentation during his courses. He founded Pangaean Studios in 2012, where his art is showcased and marketed. The artist currently has nearly 120,000 followers on Instagram.

His method of drawing, which he calls “hand stamping”, sees Powell paint an image onto his hands, then transfer it onto paper. Powell refined the method over more than two-year period, and shares his unbelievable artworks on Instagram.

Powell says reaching lots of people through social media has influenced him on a personal level. This helped him to realize how much the arts, and his particular sort of hand art means to individuals.