This Artist Illustrates The Difference Between Japan And Other Countries

Usually the first thing that you think about a foreign country is its culture. The gestures that people make, the way they talk and act in the crowd, do they recycle, even the way they eat tells us a lot about a country that is new to us. All of these things are different in plenty of countries and sometimes it’s hard to adjust to all the new customs.

Evangeline Neo is an artist who noticed these things and decided to create comics about them. She noticed that Japan is different compared to other countries while she was studying in Tokyo from 2010 to 2014. She successfully caught the differences in behavior in restaurants, in public parks and even shops! For example, slurping noodles is totally acceptable in restaurants.  Neo also tells a story about the lifestyle of the Japanese, like for example how the elderly are much more active compared to some other countries and how everyone picks up the garbage after a football game.

With a collection of over 300 comics and two books, Neo hopes that her illustrations will help everyone understand Japan better and enjoy her comics at the same time!