This Artist Made an Incredible Dragon Book Lamp

You might have already heard about Kassiopeya Sachenwerkler, a talented artist best-known for making various objects inspired by her fantasy-inspired favorite books, movies, and TV shows. One of her latest creations is a dragon book lamp.

It all started when a colleague of hers asked to make a gift for his friend, a “big fantasy fan and an avid reader.” Sachenwerkler usually creates lamps for herself, but she accepted the commission.

She began the project by printing the book covers on paper and then gluing them to cardboard. Next, she started working on the dragon’s nest using acrylic Easter eggs and a nest formed from aluminum foil. When she was done making the base plate of different heights of Styrodur sheets, she began with the painting.

“But as I want the nest to be glowing, I need it to be transparent. So after drying I once again cover it with foil. The foil serves as a separating layer, because on it I now glue several layers of yellow transparent paper on it,” she said in a statement for Bored Panda.

She finished her project by decorating the dragon eggs and adding LED lamps. She also made two baby dragons who had already hatched.

Check out the gallery below to see her brilliant work.