This Artist Makes Hyper-realistic Portraits Of Humans

Miriam Escofet is a gifted Spanish artist who creates hyper-realistic portraits of people. Born in 1967, the award-winning painter is currently living and creating in the UK. She comes from an artistic family, so her path came naturally.

“I look at paintings as portals – worlds one can visually step into and be transported and sometimes even transformed by. I believe the primary function of art is to trigger a moment of transcendence in the viewer, in short to fill one with wonder,” the artist wrote on her personal website and added that she works mainly with oil, but sometimes she likes experimenting with other mediums, as well.

“My technique is extremely detailed, applying many layers and glazes to achieve a sense of space and mood. I keep working at a piece until I feel that I have arrived at an expression of palpable space and mood.”

During her career, Escofet has exhibited in galleries all around the world. You can also find her portraits on her Instagram account where she has attracted more than 25,000 followers.

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