This Artist Uses Public Places to Speak About Social Issues Today

Eron is an award-winning Italian graffiti artist who creates artworks on urban walls that often address social issues today.

“A strongly evocative painting comes to life, which makes use of the virtuous and hyper-sensitive use of the spray, which exploits to the utmost the peculiarity of returning a visual incorporeal and smoky effect, resulting from the ability to control the strength and consistency of the jet. The result is a very delicate nuance,” his official website reads.

One of his famous works is the outstanding art piece he created for the ceiling of the church of San Martino in Riparotta in Rimini, a case distinctive in the world for the introduction of artistic spray painting technique.

Recently, he created another remarkable work title Tower to the People in Santarcangelo, Italy which converted a plain brick tower into an epic painting celebrating the power of non-violence. It shows a raised fist that is composed of numerous lush roses painted in a classical chiaroscuro technique, according to Colossal. The drawing speaks to the collective strength of people when united for a common cause.

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Press Release: “TOWER TO THE PEOPLE” Eron, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Rimini (Italy) Cantiere Poetico 2018 (ENG) Italian artist Eron has just completed his new wall artwork in Santarcangelo di Romagna, specifically made for the cultural festival “Cantiere Poetico 2018”, now in its fourth edition. “Tower to the People” is the name of the new artwork the artist has created, transforming an urban electricity brick tower into a monument depicting a mass of flowers arranged as a fist raised to the sky. Using only the free-hand spray painting technique, Eron has succeeded in creating complex and ethereal chiaroscuro effects, thus giving life to a unique and majestic artwork that expresses the strength of gentleness, the power of non-violence, the victory of kindness, the triumph of love over hate, the intensity of poetry, the perfection of harmony, and the desire for freedom and peace among the people all over the world. The result is a monumental, poetic, silent, yet explosive work of art. (ITA) E’ stata completata da poche ore la nuova opera d’arte murale che l’artista italiano Eron ha dipinto a Santarcangelo di Romagna in occasione del festival culturale “Cantiere Poetico 2018” giunto alla sua quarta edizione. “Tower to the People” è il titolo della nuova opera che l’artista ha concepito trasformando una torretta per l’energia elettrica urbana, in un monumento raffigurante un’insieme di fiori dipinti che formano l’anatomia di un pugno alzato al cielo. Soltanto con l’utilizzo della bomboletta di vernice spray a mano libera come unico mezzo pittorico, Eron è riuscito a creare sulla superficie del muro complessi ed eterei chiaroscuri dando vita ad un’opera unica che esprime con tutta la sua imponenza, la forza della delicatezza, la potenza della non violenza, la vittoria della gentilezza, l’amore contro l’odio, l’intensità della poesia, la perfezione dell’armonia, il desiderio di libertà e di pace delle persone in tutto il mondo. Un’opera monumentale, poetica, silenziosa e allo stesso tempo dirompente. Photo • Davide Gasparetti • Thinkers Company #mural #urbanart #streetart #eron #painting #drawing #art #contemporaryart #graffiti #spraypaint #publicart #santarcangelo

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