This Baker’s Banana Cake Will Blow your Mind

Food art is not just beautiful, it is also tasty. It may take a lot of effort to create food art, but the results always blow our minds. This baker created a unique looking banana cake and her video went viral.

From the video showing here, we can see a food artist trying to make what looks like Banana. The video which belongs to a Sweden dessert shop with the name, Atelje TÅRTAN, has won for itself more than a hundred thousand views on Instagram.

Here each of the banana cakes, specifically the portion inside the seeming banana peel, is made up of dark and white chocolate truffle and freeze dried raspberries. The seeming yellow peels of the banana cakes are made of marzipan.

She then carefully slices the cake in the shape of a banana and then wraps it up with the marzipan. After wrapping all, he lumps them in a bunch. It looks like a real banana bunch.

Would you eat this cake? Check it out below.