This Embroiderer Makes Awesome Landscape Satisfying Pieces

Meet Vera Shimunia, a 29-year-old embroiderer from St. Petersburg, Russia. Vera loves embroidery and showcases her talent via her Instagram account with over 200,000 followers.

She transforms landscapes into breathtaking pieces of art using embroidery. Her passion for embroidery started when she made a piece for a boy she liked and he loved it. Her idea to do landscape came to her as a child courtesy to her parents subscribing to National Geographic magazine.

Vera loves nature and particularly gets fascinated with the sky. She loves to come up with her own world and play around with colors to see what everything would look like in the world. Before finding her style, she experimented with various styles. Each piece she makes is different. Depending on the difficulty of each piece she can take a few days to a month to complete.

Trial and error have greatly contributed to her success in art.

Vera gets inspirations in her head which she perfects in embroidery.

Since her work first started going viral on social media, she still can’t believe she really deserves so much attention.

We found her awesome embroidery pieces on her Instagram page and picked the best. Scroll below to see all the breathtaking photos.

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1 or 2? ♥️

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♥️ 1 or 2 ? ♥️

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