This Instagram Account Collects Images Of Hilarious Interior Design Fails

Everybody fantasizes about owning a house and when the wish finally comes true, the next step is decorating it. Some people hire interior designers, while others prefer to decorate their dream house themselves. And that is when the real disaster happens! On Instagram, there is an account that collects pictures of hilarious decors.

Please Hate These Things is an Instagram account that collects “absurd, ugly and just plain stupid things in home design”. Hairy stairs, washing machines in the living room, piano above the stove, hilarious beds unsafe sinks, and colorful living rooms are just some of the design ideas people came up with.

Currently, on their page, they have reached over 231 thousand followers and have tens of thousands of likes on each photo. If you might have hilarious images of houses or apartments, you can send a DM and it will be most likely featured on the Please Hate These Things account.

Until then, scroll down and check out the images below.

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Custom AF.

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