This ‘Little Mermaid’  Room Is Perfect

If you’re a girl, we’re more than certain that once upon a time you wished to be a real Disney princess. Well, if your favorite princess was Ariel, the Little Mermaid, be prepared to have your childhood dream finally come true!  

Because you can’t yet live underwater and you are not a princess or a mermaid, the best thing you can do is get this bed that looks exactly like Ariel’s bed in the Little Mermaid cartoon.  

To be real, this bed is actually intended for children, but it can just as well might be for adults who still feel young in their hearts.  

The name of the bed is The little Mermaid and you can buy it from the Portuguese company Circu, the company that designed it. If you pay extra, you will also get an indoor night light, so when you close the shell, you can still see the light from the pearl! 

Although this is not a necessity, the bed of the daughter of King Triton still looks magical, and if nothing, you can at least look at how amazing it is and dream that one day you can rule the underwater kingdom!