This Packaging is Completely Natural 100% Compostable

MakeGrowLab is a biodesign studio that works with microorganism to grow materials, products, food, and systems.

“MakeGrowLab blends science, design, and entrepreneurship to bring Biofabrication to everyday life. Biology weaved into production is our hope to change from wasteful societies to biological systems that enrich the environment,” read the website.

Founded by Josh Brito and Roza Janusz, they created sustainable solution to turn bio-waste into compostable packaging. The packaging, called SCOBY, is made completely from agricultural waste that’s weaved into a material, which can then be made into all kinds of packaging, such as bags, bowls, wrappers, and sachets. It can also be used as food storage since it has a 2-year shelf life.

Scoby is made from natural waste products so it’s 100% compostable. You can just throw it away in your trash bin knowing that it’ll break down just like any other vegetable. The company aims to start a “biorevolution,” raising awareness about the alarming environment issues we are facing today. They hope that through their product, they’ll be able to help reduce the plastic pollution significantly.