This Twitter Account Posts Cow Photos Every Day to Make People Smile

Social media such as Twitter and Instagram have their pros and cons, but by far the best thing they have to offer are heartwarming photos of cute animals that make us laugh on a daily basis. The best news is that every day we discover a new social media account dedicated to cute animals, and one of them is a funny Twitter account named Cow of The Day.

As the name suggests, here you can find a new photo of super adorable cow pets from all over the world every day. The owner of this account first created an account named Rabbit of the Day, which immediately attracted attention on Twitter. Then he did a poll tweet and realized that people wanted to see more cow photos. That’s how the account was created and today it has more than 98k followers on Twitter.

According to the moderator of Cow of The Day, the process of choosing the cow of the day is pretty difficult. “We get over 40 direct messages a day with people sending in their pet cows, cows they’ve seen on their travels, or a cow they’ve seen online and want to share with us but it’s not a decision we take lightly! We like to mix it up so someday you’ll see fluffy cows and others you’ll see a breed of cows you never knew existed,” the moderator told Bored Panda.

Check out these adorable cows in the photos below.