This Woman Makes Unique Embroidery Pieces That Just Might Spook You!

Canadian Patricia Larocque is a talented embroiderer and the creator of ffembroidery. If you browse through her Instagram profile, you will notice that her work is “one-of-a-kind”. Why? Because her inspiration comes from spooky horror stories.

Larocque started embroidering in 2011 when she moved to Berlin. She was creating stuff only for her friends at the time. Then, three years later, she opened her online store, where you can purchase her embroidered art, objects, and bags. She currently lives in Lyon, France.

“The designs tend to stem from my overactive imagination that braids in imagery from horror films and the stranger-then-fiction stories of reality TV,” she explained to It’s Nice That.

The secret behind the name ffembroidery is interesting. “FF” or “famous friends” is from a movie, and it was meant to be for Larocque’s future high school electro-duo band. As it never happened, she decided to stick with the name. That is is how ffembroidery was born.

Her main goal with her business is to create “high-quality products and personal custom accessories that are handmade with the highest attention to detail and craftsmanship.”

“Every day I am constantly learning and improving my skills, and I have big plans for the future of ffembroidery,” the crafter added.

Scroll down and check out some more of her artwork below.