Three Species That Were Thought to Be Extinct But Are Still Here!

This planet has millions of different life forms that can be found everywhere: from the deepest ocean to the corner of your house. Unfortunately, many species are gone – missing or extinct because of the way humans treat the planet and the habitats as well as nature’s own continual extinction process.

But sometimes, against all odds, miracles happen! Here are some species that were thought to be extinct but were found alive and well once again. 

Fernandina giant

Galapagos is the home of giant tortoise species. There were 15 species of giant tortoise that were native to Galapagos but unfortunately, two of them are extinct. Fernandina giant was also suspect to be extinct for more than 115 years, but later she came up and showed she’s not planning on leaving any time soon. 

Bermuda Land Snail 

This species managed to stay hidden for 40 years before it showed up again in the most unusual place for this species – an alleyway. This endemic species apparently adapt its’ lifestyle and finds ways to survive surrounded by concrete.  

Oriental Blue Clearwing 

It’s a moth with a characteristic bright blue color that lives in the Malaysian forest. It mimics the behavior and the appearance of sapphire-colored bees, so it’s no wonder it’s been hidden for 130 years!