Tulip Fields Shot from the Sky Look Like Abstract Paintings

Image via tomhegen.de/Instagram

German designer and photographer Tom Hegen is really interested in the consequences of human presence on Earth.

While Hegen was in the Netherlands, he decided to immortalize the huge tulip plantations, using aerial photography. Indeed, as he explains on his website, the country cultivates about two billion tulips each year. These flowers have a flowering period of three to four weeks per year, between April and May. Once the flowers have hatched, the growers use machines to cut the heads so that all the energy of the plant remains in the bulb and that the latter becomes stronger.

Contrary to what one might think, the sale of the bulb is a much bigger business than the sale of cut flowers. In the Netherlands in 2015, the number of tulip growers was 926, which makes the country the world leader in the flower trade: about 77% of the bulbs marketed come from the region.

From the sky, we notice that the industrialization of this culture has truly transformed the landscape that seems to have nothing natural. These images hypnotize us, make us lose all notion of scale and we face the absurdity of this over-exploitation of land.

Like someone painted with flowers: New project »THE TULIP SERIES« online on my website www.tomhegen.de/fotodesign Dutch Tulip Farmers grow around two billion tulips every year. The Flowers come into full bloom for three to four weeks a year, between April and May. Once the tulips are in full bloom, the farmers run cutting machines through their fields, lopping off the colorful flower heads. This is done so that the remaining energy of the flower gets directed back to the bulb so that it will bloom better and stronger. Mainly the tulip bulbs are sold, rather than the blooming flower head itself. In 2015 a total of 926 different tulip cultivars were bred. The Dutch horticulture sector is the world market leader in flowers, plants and bulbs. Some 77% of all flower bulbs traded worldwide come from the Netherlands. #habitatphotobook #tulips #anthropocene

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Such an amazing experience flying above 2 billion tulips!

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Flower minimalism. 🌷 "The Tulip Series" 🌷

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What is your favourite colour? "The Tulip Series" #habitatphotobook #anthropocene

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